This is true. I saw a documentary about it. Men’s orgasm faces are allowed in teenage comedies rated PG13, but women’s orgasm faces can often push it into NC-17 territory, no joke.

This is pretty much the equation:

women receiving abuse = PG-13/R

women receiving pleasure = R/NC-17

Ugh. I did a speech on this shit, and watched the documentary about it. Pisses me the fuck off.

So absolutely ridiculous. Yes, please, show us being raped, murdered, mutilated; but don’t you dare show us engaging in sexual gratification. Because that would be…obscene.

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"What about the chemistry between you and Abbie? We wanna know… are you gonna be with your wife or…?" [x]

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Everyone has six names.

  1. Your real name:
  2. your detective name (favourite colour and favourite animal):
    Navy Hedgehog 
  3. your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on):
    Tatiana Hastings
  4. your star wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle): 
  5. superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): 
    Black Bottle
  6. goth name (black and one of your pets):
    Black Cheeks
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Jordan Parrish? D e p u t y  P a r r i s h.

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Dylan O’Brien at Comic Con 2014

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"I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved."
- this becomes almost deeper when you think of non-romantic loves too (via asimetricna-vagina)
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